Director of Sustainability

Reporting to: VP – Health, Security & Standards Control

Job Purpose

The Sustainability Director leads and develops Sustainability Strategy throughout the business and oversees its implementation. This usually relates to the environmental impacts of the work being carried out, to ensure that  adheres to the most socially, economically, and environmentally friendly methods possible.

Key Accountabilities

  • Leading, developing, influencing, and delivering Sustainability Strategy throughout the business.
  • Ensuring the overall sustainability strategy and action plans with senior management and other stake holders.
  • Working with staff, customers, and shareholders to address the organizations approach to environmental responsibility with the goal to deliver social, economic, and environmental value.
  • Developing sustainability policy statements.
  • Accountable for delivering annual sustainability report.
  • Support heads of segments within to deliver an integrated sustainability strategy and demonstrate progress against strategic objectives
  • Monitoring and reporting on sustainability performance and progress against sustainability objectives to shareholders and Directors
  • Identifying new opportunities to create a positive impact and develop actionable strategies and plans to address key impact areas
  • Overseeing and establishing base lines to measure areas and define KPIs to measure the success of Sustainable Strategy
  • Anticipating future trends as well as monitoring emerging global environmental issues, innovation, and regulation direction
  • Managing relationships with key innovation partners and building new relationships with key stakeholders internally and externally
  • Overseeing and managing appropriate communication programs, methods of delivery and evaluation of effectiveness to embed the agenda internally and externally
  • Working to foster and embed a culture of sustainability within the business
  • Being a champion for Sustainability across the entire business, using your influence to drive change, working across other functions to share best practice
  • Chairing monthly Sustainability Strategy meeting with Directors and Shareholders and coordinating actions and deliverables against the plan.
  • Supporting the business to consider sustainability proposals with attention to factors such as cost effectiveness, feasibility, and ease of integration with other programs.
  • Being an expert by providing support and technical advice to the wider business to enable them to undertake their roles and responsibilities for sustainability. In particular support strategies to address issues such as energy use, plastic reduction, recycling, pollution reduction, waste elimination, ethical sourcing, and social contribution.
  • Advise on compliance with all relevant statutory reporting obligations.
  • Proposes and implements strategies to address various environmental concerns including energy use, conservation, reduction of pollution, recycling, building and facility design, and general education on sustainability.
  • Prepares monthly/Quarterly/Annually sustainability reporting package.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications an Experience

  • Bachelors degree in related field required; Masters degree highly preferred.
  • Professional certification preferred.
  • 3 years of corporate, business and management experience required.
  • 10 years of related experience in Sustainability Senior Role and required business process.