Head of Governance, Legal & Board Secretary – Riyadh

Job Specification

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Experience: Minimum: 10 years
  • Industry: Investment Banking/Asset Management

Job Summary

  • Functional Area: Legal/Governance
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Job Role: Head of Governance, Legal and Board Secretary
  • Reporting to: Board of Directors


Corporate Secretary & Chief Governance Officer is responsible along with the directors, for certain tasks. The key responsibility for the Board Secretary is to ensure that the Board has the proper advice and resources for discharging its fiduciary duty, and to ensure that the records of the Board’s actions reflect that the Board has done so. In addition, the Board Secretary helps to ensure that the Board of Directors adheres to all relevant regulatory requirements. The Board Secretary reports functionally to the Board of Directors and administratively to the CEO.


Formal Education
Master’s degree of Law LLM
Professional certificate CMA_1
Work Experience
10 years, experience in legal, 4 years in Management role

Skills and Knowledge
– Has presence and good communication skills.
– Understands corporate and securities law.
– Mediates and achieves consensus.
– Understands the Company’s business.
– Detail-oriented, flexible and creative.
– Knows how to overcome bureaucratic thinking in the Company.
– Intuitive and sensitive to what the Chairman and directors are thinking.
– Knowledge of laws and instructions issued by regulatory agencies (company laws, labor laws, SAMA laws, CMA laws)
– Strong analytical and research skills.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office
– High-level English language skills


  • Organizing Board Meetings, Organizing the Annual General Meeting (AGM),
  • Providing the Board with Access to Information
  • Providing Legal Assistance to Directors on Governance Issues, Acts as adviser to the Board members and company directors.
  • With Respect to Developing Corporate Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Assisting in Enforcing Shareholder Rights
  • Liaising Between Shareholders during Control Transactions
  • Ensures that the Company operates in compliance with procedures for the maintenance and disclosure of information about the Company. Guarantees the safekeeping of corporate documentation.
  • Ensures compliance obligations under relevant laws and the requirements of regulatory authorities are met (e.g., CMA)
  • Conducting legal analysis and researching legal matters.
  • Providing advice on the company’s legal matters.
  • Drafting legal opinions, memoranda, agreements, and briefing documents.
  • Providing and prepares all legal material related to the company’s activities
  • Formulating formalities regarding settlements of disputes, Representing the company in all courts, and Monitoring the implementation of the legal clauses.
  • Supervise the process of outsourcing any legal matters
  • Prepares preventive law strategies, corporate policy and compliance programs to minimize litigation, third party disputes and other potential project development and implementation problem.

Interested candidates please send your CV and contact details to profiles@darlingtonme.com referencing ‘Head of Legal – Riyadh’ in the subject